Det är inne att sticka! Men målet är inte att producera tröjor och halsdukar, utan att varva ner och lösa livsproblem.En hjärnforskare går så långt som att säga att stickning har samma effekt på oss som meditation, yoga och qi gong. Ulrika Lokrantz Ur PS! juni-augusti 2006 Knitting is the thing to do! A scientist, specialising in the brain, even goes as far as to say that the effect of knitting is the same as with meditation, yoga and qi gong. Ulrika Lokrantz (Transl. BM Lind)

onsdag, januari 28, 2015

Länkar! Links! Sashiko på galleri Yamahashi. Sashiko embroidery exhibition in Stockholm.

 Länk/link  till utställningen.
Fotoförbud tyvärr!
Sadly not allowed to take pictures inside, apart from the one with the book.

Länk/link to older exhibition in Härnösand, Sweden. 

Link in English about sashiko and the sashiko-guru Rei Satoh

On Pinterest
and this
and much more there - search sashiko.

Cited from exhibition info:
"Born in 1928, Rei Satoh hails from Tsugaru in the north of Japan. Ever since she learned this embroidery technique from her grandmother at the age of five, she was fascinated by the beautiful patterns and technical possibilities.

In their sparetime, Japanese women would apply Sashiko embroidery on working clothes and dresses. The most decorative forms of Sashiko is called Tsugaru Koginsashi and is much treasured. The characteristics of Rei Saitoh's Sashiko embroidery style lies in her original combination of traditional techniques and modern sensibility, which helped people rediscover its artistic value."